It is at the demand of Robert K. Drinkard; President of Western Roofing-residential & DRI-CON Roofing-Commercial and it’s SUPERSTAR STAFF that all work will be performed in a safe manner and in compliance with all federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Beyond weekly safety meetings, each department manager pre-identifies any potential safety hazards or risks on every roofing project prior to start and then provides site specific training to the foreman who then are required to conduct the same to all employee’s subjected to the environment.

By involving our employee’s in a special program for zero to minimal in house, crew or OSHA safety violations, we believe this presses each team member to strive for 100% safety environments and assistance to others.

Western Roofing abides by the safety regulations and is proud to share their attention to such regulations on a weekly basis to it’s superintendants, foreman and roofing specialists in the office as well as on-site as necessary.

HollyKay Drinkard

Safety Director

The company directed HollyKay Drinkard in January, 2009 to be the forefront of the safety educationnal documents & department meetings and liason between the company and other authoritive entities as required.

It is a requirement for all Western Roofing-residential & DRI-CON-commercial sub-contractors and or employees to follow all safety rules and directives.

Further, they must use personal or company provided protective equipment described in the safety policy and immediately report and correct any unsafe working conditions or situations as found.

Western Roofing, Inc.’s safety log is one of much rewards and will strive to continue it’s current record of success!

Western Roofing,Inc. is a Drug-Free Workplace.

We conduct pre-employment drug testing to ensure strict compliance and periodically conduct random drug screening to further enforce our policy.